Become more yourself abroad!

This article is for those who are looking to truly tune with themselves (and have a great time while doing it).

Life usually has a way of transforming “yourself” into the “you others see fit”. It’s tragic how many of us live life according to the desires, rules and norms of someone else.

Hence the importance of understanding who you are without boundaries or regulations (and the sooner the better).

When I was entering my adult life I did everything according to the norm… Good job, independent house, stable relationship, miserable weekdays and happy weekends.

Regardless, somewhere along the way the desire to live escaped me. At this point I knew something had to change! It was then that I started the venture of finding myself! What I want, what fulfills me, what I want to accomplish, who I like, where I like to be, etc.

Basically, looking for the answer of the question: Who am I without norms/regulations or restrictions?


What I realized was that, to actually understand that, I needed to feel free of norms and regulations. If you have tried this, you know it’s HARD! So how can you, easily and quickly, get into the mind-space necessary to find your true self?

Here are 3 ways to find yourself, outside of the norm!

They all have both positive and challenging points. I’ll mention a few but keep in mind each person has a very personal approach to each situation.


« The 2 in 1 opportunity of becoming yourself. »

Doing an Erasmus will make you grow beyond your surroundings, experience a new country without having to work for sustainability and use your school time has self-development time. You’ll have the opportunity to be a student of life outside of your norm!


Benefits of doing an Erasmus:

  • Knowing more of the world without your parents constraints
  • Getting extra points on your CV (very useful for first job opportunities)
  • Being able to attend optional courses for your degree unavailable in your home school
  • Having better grades by doing easier optionals
  • Learning a new language and culture


Challenges of doing an Erasmus:

  • Learning technical components in a different language (most often)
  • Making friends within a new culture
  • Adapting to a new culture
  • Maintaining your expenses within your budget
  • Having no personal support on location (at first)


« The vacation opportunity of adulting. »

Being part of the Au Pair Program will let you experiment and travel without worrying about your basic needs. You’ll be able to solely focus on who you are now and who you want to become!


Benefits of the Au Pair Program:

  • Housing and basic needs covered by the employer
  • New country to know and explore
  • Only partial time work days (or weeks depending on the family’s necessities)
  • Monthly/weekly allowance for you to spend as you wish
  • New friends abroad




Challenges of the Au Pair Program:

  • New culture to adapt to
  • New family environment to integrate
  • New tasks (most often)
  • New language skills to obtain
  • Learning to be independent and having full responsibility for you (and sometimes others)


« The Boost Up mode of getting way ahead in life. »

Having a Full Time Job in a different country has both the most challenges and the most inner growth. You’ll be able to overcome yourself as never before!

Benefits of a Full Time job abroad:

  • Developing professional and personal skills at the same time
  • Puts your CV on top
  • Knowing how to establish yourself as a full member of a different society
  • All the connections you’ll establish
  • You get to vacation in your own country and experience two realities of your new self


Challenges of Full Time job abroad:

  • Keeping up with your new basic needs
  • Getting integrated long-term on society
  • Dealing with all the bureaucracy it entails
  • Creating a new normal
  • Challenging the stereotype of your culture abroad

There are companies that will support you on the acquisition of opportunities or enrollment process for this 3 options. Look for companies within your country/location for better support and mutual understanding.

When you get physically away from your mental constraints, you can flourish like never before.

In new surroundings you can learn more about yourself in a month than in the previous decade.

Don’t believe me? Do this 5 minute exercise and tell me about it afterwards:

  1. Think about that person who makes you feel awful, irritated, little or any other less positive feeling. 
  2. Define how you feel when you’re with them and how you feel when you’re away from them
  3. Identify the differences

Yup, you feel way lighter and happier when they are not around right? (Send me a DM if not.)
It’s from that detachment of constraint that you can self-develop.


“What the eye sees the heart feels”. Hence, by being blind to what usually constricts you, you’ll feel free enough to understand more of yourself. Also, by seeing something else you’ll be able to understand more of what you feel.


So what do you think? Ready to be more of yourself outside of the norm?