Small steps you can take to better transition to your adult life

We all struggle in the transition from young, dependent, learning adult to independent, responsible, grown up.
Suddenly you have to be on top of your choices, from what’s in the fridge to how you want to deal with taxes. 

You’ll feel lost, discouraged, unconfident, depressed… but you don’t have to! Wouldn’t it be great to know how to handle this stuff?

Better yet, how would you feel if by changing how you act, decisions get done naturally?

This article will help you understand 5 things you can implement in your life to make adulting  easy.

Manage your costs and revenues

Do you get surprised by your account balance at the end of the month? Have you been at the cashier with no money? Do you know exactly what you earn and owe every month?

Only by knowing what you get and what you spend, can you expect to have money for every aspect of your life.

You don’t need to check your balance everyday, or count every penny, but implement different habits and start investing instead of spending:

  • Account for your daily, weekly and monthly usual costs
  • Account for your medium weekly or monthly revenue
  • Establish a budget for every category of spending (housing; food; commute; utilities; leisure time; the occasional ticket…)
  • Trust in direct debit / automatic transfers for your non-negotiables (housing; utilities;…)
  • Check yourself periodically in everything else

Pro-tip: make checking your spendings a weekly routine and, with time, you’ll easily know if you are within budget.

Keep track of your needs

Any type of good management requires knowing what to manage.

If you want to make sure you don’t run out of food or rent, you must first know your needs for it.

Let’s say your schedule only allows going shopping for supplies once a week (food and non-edible products alike). The only way to make sure that the trip is successful, is to know exactly what you need to get.

Here is how! The next time you think about going shopping follow these steps:

  • Know what you have (check pantry, cupboards, storage)
  • Know what you’ll use (go to every division of your house and think what you’ll do there)
  • Decide what you want (include units)
  • Get it before you need it

A way to prevent Thursday’s dinner to be a ramen cup, is to have the list of what you need for the meals you’ll have. You can also ensure there is always shampoo and lady products in the bathroom, if you buy the replacement before the bottle/package ends.

Remember we are talking about NEEDS and not WANTS.

Invest on expertise and knowledge

Do you find yourself needing to know more about things you never thought about? Whether it is related to food, mechanics, psychology, etc, once you live by yourself you feel you don’t know enough.

Learn how to deal with stuff yourself instead of calling a professional for every little thing!  It will save you time and money, and give you independence and confidence.

How do you know what you need to learn about?

  • Keep a record of things you keep asking someone else to do
  • Make a list of the things you wish you knew to do
  • Avoid bother and spending by making a learning plan for yourself on those topics
  • Dedicate a moment each day reading/watching/learning about it

Everything can be taken away from you, except knowledge! So invest in that which will always be a part of you.

Surround yourself with the right people

Do your friends have way more expensive habits than you? Are you pushed into buys from your social circle? How would you feel if you had a friend accompany you in implementing new adult habits?

Take note of those that are near you, by:

  • Understanding how you feel around them
  • How you feel when you are alone
  • Defining how you want to change for the better
  • Searching for those/ keeping only those who inspire you and show you the way by example

Who we are and how we act can be gravely influenced by those around us. Make sure you are mainly influenced for better.

Plan ahead and for emergencies

Pipe broke down and needs repair? There’s an account for that! Need money for that trip to Bali? No problem! Out of job and need to keep your house? Got it covered!

Even though you don’t know what tomorrow will bring and YOLO is your philosophy… planning for an uncertain future is the key in protecting it.

Either it is a dream vacation or a bump in your professional life, you can plan ahead by implementing these steps:

  • Always redirect some revenue to savings
  • Find passive income sources
  • Have an account without an associated card (or easy access) where all the “contingency plan” money goes

Save now and carefully invest in the sustainability of your future lifestyle.

From these steps, what will you start implementing today?
What are your must do’s for adulting?

Transform into the person you’d like to be. Live the life you want to remember.