Do you want to make sure this year is worthwhile?

Here are five things you should start doing today to ensure tomorrow is better!

Develop your SELF-WORTH:

In a world of likes and shares, why is self-worth important? The one thing that can make you happier in any circumstance is your acceptance and love for yourself. Enough with the “I’m so stupid”, “why did I do that”, “If only I had been more…”. Love yourself truly!

You are the only person who will be there for every moment, every struggle, every memory of your life. If you loathe the person that is by your side, can you truly be happy? What do you think you’ll feel if that person is you? Change the mindset, really see and show your value!

GET AHEAD of last year:

If you hate when someone compares you to other people, why do you keep doing it to yourself? Comparison with other people gets you depressed, with yourself shows you what you conquered and motivates you to move even further!

This year don’t look back at that failed relationship, the job that let you go, the friends who don’t care anymore or the family member who stills doesn’t get it… Look at what you where, what you’ve become and how far you’ve come.

Make it an habit and what others think of you will be irrelevant!

Create a ROUTINE that serves your life goals:

At this point in life you probably created some bad habits, right? Weren’t they done by constantly doing the same thing?

Then use that same recipe for good and create small habits, scheduled actions that allow you to reach your daily, monthly and eventually life goals! You can even get rid of those bad habits doing this.

Remember every big path is taken one small step at a time…and start anew today.

LEARN about all the topics that lead to the life you want to live:

If you had to learn how to walk and talk, why aren’t you learning about how to make money and cause an impact?

No one is born with all the knowledge! Success is for those who take the time to understand what they need and work to get where they want to be. Reading, listening, viewing, talking…there are many ways to learn, what’s your favorite? Invest 15 minutes in it everyday and learn so you can achieve!

You should most definitely (and urgently) find and act upon YOUR LIFE PURPOSE:

How much more direction would your life have if you knew exactly what you want and how to get it? 

If you feel challenged by everyday life, this it the the one thing you need to figure out now!

Do it not just for 2019 but for this year to be the right transition to even better years.


Do you agree with this list?