How much time, resources and will power are you willing to invest in finding true happiness?

For how long have you been postponing your dreams?

How come you want something so badly but lack the direction to act upon achieving it?

Ever since I discovered my purpose I have worked to help people with the WHAT and the HOW of these questions, specifically through Coaching and Life Design.

A lot of the time they don’t understand how I can help as a Coach and Life Designer, due to mainly these points of view:

  1. “What is Coaching anyways?!”
  2. “Coaching exist only for business topics, you can’t help me in my personal life.”
  3. “Coaches are weekend graduates with no real knowledge…I know cause I did a process with one of them and it sucked!”
  4. “What is Life Design?”

Allow me the clarifications…

  1. Coaching is a process in which the Coach helps the Coachee (client) reach a goal through various questioning tools. Hence, it can help you in literally any area of your life!
  2. (generalizing) A consultant gives advice, a Coach makes questions and, through those, helps you achieve goals and make sustainable changes in your life.
  3. Please keep reading below to see why I agree, partially, with this one.
  4. Life Design is a process in which you act for a prolonged time to reach your IDEAL LIFE, making sure every change you make has a positive overall outcome in your path to that life. (still confused? Read on or share your questions in the comments)

Most people only know the type of Coaches I call “Weekend Coach”.

Basically, Coaches that pay an average of 4.000 € for a Coach certification obtained in 3 days workshops, with a few online meetings, classes and some tests and trials. All in all, usually you can get a certification by a popular Coaching Association in less than 100 hours. (i.e. this is an averaged generalization, there are many many programs with different times and investments)

The problem you may ask?

A big number of these Coaches (not all of course) don’t actually Coach, they consult! Meaning that, they have a standard procedure of analysis and advice they give to their targeted client.

How is that a problem?! Does your house key open other houses? No. It’s also a key, and it’s very similar, but your key only unlocks your house. In the same way, even though some tools are the same, Coaching is about the Coachee discovering and changing in a certain area of his/hers life. Since no life is the same and no person is the same, no advice should be given, only answers found.

Still, if you want a positive and intentional change in your life, Coaching is for you.

No need to fear this “specific to you and you only” process…embrace it and move forward in your life. 

So where do I go for proper Coaching processes?

You can choose a Coach by first searching online pages/groups (as other services); asking for their experience field; and then, this is the key part, talking with them / doing one session and understanding if he/she is adequate to your goal, personality, speed of change desired. 

Pro-tip: a Coach that says he can help you with anything isn’t going to help you in the more efficient way. If you have a relationship goal, go for a relationship coach; if you have a work conundrum, go for a business coach; if you have a health vision, go for a health coach…and so on.

That’s why my specialty is Transition Coaching. I focus on helping people who want a change in life, transition from where they are to their best life, one goal at a time.

At this point, you may be wondering… “What if I just know I want a change but don’t know how or  what”. My advice: don’t just go for a Life Coach, go for a Life Designer. “I don’t feel ready…”, then you can always start with Coaching and then transition if it makes sense then. But if you do nothing, that will ensure your life never changes

Why are we a good choice?

Life Designers have a continuous training beyond Coaching with increased knowledge of new and improved tools regularly (like PNL). We help you act upon more than just one area of your life, our processes are about the kind of life you want as a whole.

As Life Designers, we are trained to take you through the journey of creating your Life by Design: a life of true fulfillment and satisfaction, where regret is no longer present and certainty of action is an everyday occurrence.

Also, we are all Coaches, (the most efficient kind in my opinion), because each and everyone of us knows and works their niche; meaning we thrive to be the best for our client target and thus, through Coaching, can help you thoroughly for one specific change.

You can be sure to feel safe and oriented in the exact area you want to improve your life!

Now that this whole Coaching Life Design thing is clarified…remember: When you want to feel like everyday is worthwhile, the time to change is always now! 

Don’t let guilt or duty manage you, get a grip on your time and live to your fullest, everyday. JUST BEGIN!

(this article is based in my knowledge and experience, it’s long, but I hope, also worthwhile! Do leave a comment with what you think of it and/or any questions about it.)