Really believed the myth of “be a good girl, have a good life”… Couldn’t be more wrong! At the age of 11 I understood that If I didn’t take care of myself, no one else would… Nevertheless, TRIED MY BEST, entered a great college, was on my best behaviour. (apparently not for long…😅 hehe)


Lost too many people… Spent a heck of a time between courts and funerals… Cried more in 3 years than in the 20 before that. Realized: LIFE IS UNFAIR to everyone, no matter how good of a person you are. (got depressed..obviously)


Became a FULL FLEDGED ADULT with work related depression, an abusive relationship and no self-love. Still spent a lot of time between courts and funerals, but now, also, hospitals. (no eating disorder though…😑 iei…)


WENT ALL OUT! I was unhappy so I decided to RESTART. Quit my job/relationship/friends. Moved out and started rediscovering who I was, what I wanted and how I could be happy. It took me 3 countries and 7 courses, but I got there (everyone has their own path, mine took me places… 😉 )

2018 onwards…

TAKING CONTROL OF MY LIFE: by listening to myself, acting towards my goals, caring for what/who matters and always looking forward without the weight of the past. 💎 My independence is my freedom for happiness!

The next chapter ??

Using the lessons I’ve learned and all the knowledge I acquired, to empower others to move forward in their life!