It’s your one yearly shot of a miracle and Mom usually says you have to ask for health and peace…a good job and a great man…remember the aunt that is sick and the cousin who needs to get his life together and then you can get selfish for the rest of the wishes.

But let’s face it…you say variations of the same 12 wishes every year, of which 3 are repeated because you aren’t sure if you said it or not already…or just to be safe…right?! 

Yup…me too!

My usual list?

After the selfless wishes (actually not) for that sister that needs to get a grip, the well being of the sick in the family, for general happiness and a “you go planet!”, my list consisted of good health, business, relationships, self-growth and lots and lots of travel.

Still… 12 just seem like a lot… because they are!

They are not plans or goals…it’s a commitment to yourself, a “hey universe, here’s what makes me happy…the how I’m still working on…”. 

Why get overwhelmed by 12 when really, even when you rephrase it differently, you pretty much want those 3-5 main things.

Do all your 12 wishes of new year have the same importance to you? Usually they don’t… your priorities are based on your core values. Which means you need to understand yourself and figure out your values for those wishes to be useful.

This year, more than previous ones, I know my values and I know the universe works in the way I act. So no more wanting specific things that I think can get me where I want to be…this year I commit to what truly makes me happy!

As for the small steps?… I’ll have my goals and plans to achieve them.

Everyone starts somewhere…if you want to get there, you have to take the first step…If you could make just one wish what would it be?

That thing / feeling/ certainty that would make everything in your life (even if just a bit) better?