Have you ever experienced the impostor syndrome? 

When, logically, you understand that you are capable, worthy, enough…but emotionally you don’t believe it to be true?!

It usually happens to the greatest people, because they have the know that there is so much more they can do or be.

The impostor syndrome appears when you don’t always feel what you think is true. It’s when you don’t feel comfortable with compliments you don’t believe reflect you. When you lose the confidence to explain or demonstrate what you have accomplished.

Even if you rationalize something that makes total sense, if you don’t feel it to be true, having a logic behind it won’t get you there. That’s why self-confidence, self-love and self-worth play such a big part in success.

Are you enough for yourself? Do you feel enough for others?

To achieve more, you need to believe you deserve better and to understand you are truly enough.

A great part of accepting yourself is understanding that you don’t owe anything to anyone. The same way, no one owes you anything back. Everyone gives what they can and want, given the situation. This is a really complex mindset that takes time to assimilate. Don’t feel bad or lost if you can’t get behind it 100% from the get go. Remember it, practice, ponder and you’ll get there.

What is your reality like? How long have you been wanting the world to “give back” to you?

When thinking about what should or shouldn’t happen, what you have to be conscious about is that…The world isn’t and will never be fair. Also, that’s ok, because you can be happy nevertheless!

The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll be free of the duty construct of it all.

The good news is that you can achieve everything you imagine to be possible. You can make the most of what you’ve got and thrive to reach your goals. Being “imagine” the key word here, because if you can’t visualize it to be real, it never will be.

Realizing you don’t “have to” anything and no one will “need to” whatever, for you to reach your goals, is one of the most important acknowledgements a person can make.

Let go of your duty filter and live life for what you can make it to be.

Lessons learned:

  1. Want to feel worthy and confident ? Accept you are enough.
  2.  Want to achieve more? Believe you can.
  3. Want to be happy no matter what the world gives you? Understand you “don’t have to anything” and “can everything” you believe possible.