A life of fulfillment requires you to be certain of your decisions… and certainty in your actions requires confidence in yourself.


All our lives we are told more often how we could be better and how we got it wrong, than that we are more than enough! Being confident is key for being fulfilled: you need to think you deserve it to actually feel fulfilled by it! But it’s not easy…

I can identify key moments in my childhood when I lost self-confidence. Most of them were when I would say something good about myself and others would criticism me saying “don’t be arrogant”. I’m sure you’ve heard that before as well…

Growing up in today’s society we are bound to lose confidence and we resign to it because no one tells us confidence can be relearned.


Remember, society often mistakes being confident with being arrogant… Having confidence in yourself (and communicating it) isn’t being arrogant. 

Of course there’s the stigma of not being enough…not perfect as we should… We think being perfect is pleasing the rules of society and the expectations of others…it’s not! Your perfect self is simply when you are true to who you are. So treat yourself to be a better version of you, not the version others want you to be. That’s harder but way more fulfilling!

Understand that arrogance is saying you are better than someone else. Simply stating how good you believe yourself to be, is confidence!

How can we relearn to be confident in a world that puts us down? The world is to you as you are to the world: remember that, act upon it, and your life will change forever. Just show the world how you want to be seen and the world will recognize it.

Discover who you are, discover how to live. You can only do the best for you if you know what that is first!

I’ve been afraid to say what I think because it might not be 100% right…it could be miss interpreted… it could be offensive… it could be embarrassing… Then I noticed that if I say something with confidence, no one doubts it or criticize it. Worst case scenario they question it or laugh about it, but at the end I still make someone smile or start a great conversation.

Ever had a moment when you felt you should feel happier than you did? When you are living something everyone else envies but it’s just not enough for you?

Regardless of your accomplishments in life, you need to think you deserve it to actually feel fulfilled by it. From the moment I realized I’d rather have a life of “no regrets” than a life that “follows the rules”, failing is just a stepping stone to something greater!


Listen more to yourself and less to others!

Shutting down the noise around us is a very important step into listening to what’s inside. It’s tricky, but you can do it. Small steps everyday will help you block the opinion of others. For me, it would always help to say a compliment to myself after a harsh criticism of someone else.

Try it! You have nothing to lose… We can’t change the past or others, but we can change how we react and how we choose to live our lives.


With confidence, your best self and resilience, you can accomplish a life that is more than enough…is yours!