Still don’t have all the gifts ready?! Dude… you’re late! 😅 Sometimes, even if we had more time to think about it, it wouldn’t make a difference…

Yup, getting someone the perfect gift is hard. Either because of the price, the choice, the convenience or the lack of contact with that person. 

So often we find ourselves just a few days until the dreaded exchange with nothing to show for a gift… 

No worries, the best present is your presence right?! Hummmm, not really! 

We all like to receive something in a special occasion. Tearing the wrapping paper apart is half of the fun. But what if you aren’t in a position to get a good gift, an expensive gift or a thoughtful gift?



Here’s my tip 🎄🎅:

1.Get a card and write what you would give to that person if you could give her/him anything. (be as cheesy as possible)

It could be sentimental, something  like “peace of mind”, “laughter everyday”, “perfect health”, “the guarantee of a happy future”

Or something you can’t actually acquire, like “that car you love”, “the best clothes to wear”, “all the accessories you’ll ever need”, “that new phone I know you’d be thrilled about”.

What matters is that it comes from the heart and shows how you care and know that person. More than a thing to possess, we all want a sense of worthiness and attention. It’ not so much what you give but what you put into giving. And what greater thing could you put than your will for their happiness?!



2.Put it on top of a box of chocolates (or a bottle of wine)

Again, we all like to physically receive something and the anticipation of unwrapping a surprise. Also, most people like chocolate or wine. So you are pretty much safe choosing one or the other and adapting the choice on age and sex. Let’s face it, no house is ever too full for another box of 

chocolates or a bottle of wine. 😉 Worst case scenario, if they hate the idea, there’s sugar and alcohol to make them feel better.

3.Gift it 

It’s not easy to put our feelings into words and gift them to someone… It will be a true miracle in some cases! But trust that it will be received in good heart, because it will if you are honest about it.Challenge yourself to do it, at least with one person, and you’ll receive 10 times fold.

They’ll be so touched they’ll even share the chocolates/wine with you. 😏

You’re welcome! Happy Holidays 🎄