In a world of constant connection how can I find the right relationship?”
Just like your best self requires giving up bad habits, your best relationship requires giving up bad people!

Think of all the relationships you’ve kept over the years… How many of those are weighing you down?
If you avoid toxic substances why do you have relationships with toxic people?
The biggest toxin in your life doesn’t come from any kind of metal or chemical… There is no negative impact in your life like the one someone you love but doesn’t respect you can make!

Don’t just be eco-conscious about what you eat or do…make sure your relationships makes for the environment you want to be in!

But how can you figure out if it is a toxic relationship?
Does it make you feel sad, unworthy, troubled, weak, dependent or not enough in anyway? Then it is a toxic relationship!
Too many relationships make us feel like we are worth nothing… or at least, less than whomever we are with. Don’t stick around for the “what if’s” and the “but when’s”.

Choosing your well-being over someone’s idea of what’s best for you isn’t a selfish choice!
Again and in a different way (cause this is important!!): choosing you, without purposely hurting someone else, is never a selfish choice!
Remember: better now than in 10 year, a mortgage and 2 kids… Never mind the thousands you’ll need for therapy and getting strong and confident again…

“Aren’t there exceptions?” “What if the toxicity comes from your family? You can’t get rid of them just like that, right?!”
Of course family relations are complicated to handle…They will always be there (hopefully), they will love you in their own distorted way but you’ll never be able to change them.

Still, if you want to make it work (and you can choose not to…), you’ll need 2 things:

  1. Confidence in who you are and what you believe in
  2. Learn how to shield yourself of negative comments and actions.

Please note: it will be hard, long and you’ll have to be consistent, but remember the most enjoyable things are – am I right?! 😉

How about sharing this with that friend who needs to figure out some things with their partner?…I’m sure they came in mind mid-reading.