New year…new depression…? I am the type that usually gets waaayyyy to unhappy to have to start the year…all over again.

Why is the prospect of a new beginning so daunting?

Here’s what I found: when what has passed sucked…you kind of get used to expecting more suck moments in the future… Can you relate?

Christmas came and I felt it coming…

The 31st came and I expected it…

But this year I am not feeling it !!

How come, even though last year got the always acclaimed “hope this s*** stops happening!” award, I can’t wait to go through another 365 days of “maybe something is going to blow!” ?!

It has been a treacherous path, but when you understand the value of surpassing each problem, and you can actually live through them, you aren’t afraid of them appearing again.

Last year I gave and lost even more… last year I questioned and wondered even more… and I was able to do more than just survive.

I understood how to go through it and actually keep living my life!

Since each day is just 24 hours of time to live, and each year is just a bunch of those together, how can you truly appreciate your time if you are afraid of what might happen?

To fear the future is to fear the past repeating itself…so change (goals, mindset, actions) and outcomes will change too.

This year, how willing are you to make it different?

I’m gonna keep on going, even when my actions lead me beyond the norm. Why so sure of the right path to success?

Here’s what I figure: because I know so much more of who I am, what I want and what I can handle, there is no doubt in my mind I am gonna make this the best year of my life (yet 😉 )!

No doubt, no fear…agreed?