Ever since my phone has been my alarm clock, 9/10 times I use the snooze button. Have you ever tried to delay the day as much as possible because you don’t want to go to work/school?
And then at night feel like you didn’t actually enjoy the day and wished you could have a go at it again?

Don’t think lightly of how you use your time… Your daily routine can serve as a motor to achieve the life you want to lead or it can be a vehicle for your depression, irritation, sadness.

You will only truly enjoy your every 24 hours if you are conscious of how you spent them and are able to take full advantage of your free time!

Here are 7 steps to make sure your every day counts:

  1. Be accountable of your time – how many hours are you using for: sleep; eating/cooking; study/learning; working; socializing; exercise; entertainment; etc.?
  2. Write down all things you want to do normally / you would want to include in your routine – include how many hours you would do it for.
  3. Identify your priorities – Given you only have 24h a day how would you structure it with all your must do actions?
  4. Now for the tough love question… do you believe you use your time wisely? Identify the actions you do normally that you wish you didn’t do (or didn’t do as much).
  5. Take the time you spend with your less healthy habits, what would you rather be doing with that time?
  6. Create a daily routine that includes all your priorities in an amount of time you think is best for your best life!
  7. How would a day like that make you feel? What type of person would you become?

Remember that feeling and use it to motivate yourself into living your perfect day every…well, most of the time! 😉

Do you agree? What does your daily routine look like now?