Even an Hannah, Ana or Anne is at the mercy of a nickname. How many time have you wondered…

“why don’t this people just call me by my name?”

When you have a meaningful relationship (friendship, romance or partnership) you receive a nickname from that particular environment.

Most probably you have met several people with your name so far. Your name is by no means that for which you are known. How come?!

That happens because, when you enter a relationship, you become more than just a human described by a name. 

Now you are seen like a particular person to that individual or group. Suddenly your name, which others may share, isn’t enough to describe you particularly.

Do you give a nickname to be mean/funny or endearing/personal? 

A nickname, however annoying it may be, is usually an expression of care when you have indeed a relationship with the other person.

The exception being when you introduce yourself and immediately someone asks you for a shorter/simpler/different version of your name, that’s just   laziness with a splash of rudeness! (don’t get me started when they don’t even ask and just start calling you stuff…)

What is it about attributes that makes someone so memorable?

Even when you have a weird unpopular name, like your’s truly, (let’s face it, Leonila is apparently kind of normal in latin america but in Europe it’s a stunner!) it’s not the name itself that will become part of your personal brand, but the fact that it’s weird.

So having your personal brand well established, defined and communicated, helps other people remember you for what you want to be noticed.

How is being labelled a good thing? < Find your power presentation here >

Can a characteristic really be a good business card?

How you act can be your best presentation since it creates empathy and causes an impact. It’s always important to try to create the right impression though.

Nevertheless, when you act true to who you are, you become consistent and that consistency translates into a word/attribute/characteristic. If you are being truly yourself, owning it will give you power over it and accepting it will give you confidence in your relations.

Own your attributes, your values, that which makes you so unique and can only be part of you! Being different can be scary… you have been told that standing out is being annoying… thinking you are special is being arrogant… and that we are all equal…

What do YOU think?

Do you agree that your specific humour, sense of style, conversation pattern, interests, etc, are the same as everyone’s?

Of course not! We may all be made in the same way but there is certainly no two of us alike. Be more of yourself, you are the only one who can!