Having a dream to get you through life is part of human nature. Putting it into action is for the more courageous of us.

We dream for to express our hope that we’ll feel fulfilled,  that in the end we’ll be ok, that it will be worth it. Be part of the great one’s by asking yourself: “Why wait for the end?”

For sure you have a dream that has been put on hold until you…

  • Finish college
  • Get a house of your own
  • Achieve that major position at work
  • Have someone to share it with
  • Until you feel like you deserve it as a reward for doing the right things in life…

The thing is… A fulfilled life doesn’t happen when a great goal is achieved… it happens everyday, with your daily actions and your small victories. It happens today if you decide do stop postponing your dreams and chasing a change

When you have a dream, knowing this 3 things can make the difference between wishing it and accomplishing it:

1. Understand why THIS is your dream

If you want to travel you can go to France or Angola, they are both trips, but very different in nature and experiences.

There are so many ways to accomplish the same thing, so why is this your preferred way? What about this method will give you what you want? Is the excitement of travel you are looking for (hence either France or Angola work), or do you actually want to see Paris for the culture and feeling of the city?

Know that and you will have understood what are the most important aspects of your life (aka. your values). Here is an article to help you out. 

2. Define your action PLAN

Every plane that takes off has a route pre-defined, that’s why it reaches its destination in the most efficient way possible. No waste of resources, no questions during the pretended path.

To reach a place there are many many options of roads to travel by, not choosing one will leave you insecure every time a crossroad appears. Define the road you want to take and ensure you don’t feel paralyzed by options of choice.

A plan well established ensures that your chosen destination goes from dream to goal.

3. Establish your SUCCESS Weekly Routine (SWR)

Your SWR is the method of planning that ensures you make the most out of everyday. Get your free workbook of “How to SWR” by clicking here!