Aren’t you tired to have your life just happen to you? Contrary to popular belief: there is no great force that can solve your problems… There is no evil spirit whose sole purpose is to make your life difficult. No great reason, no master cosmic plan.  

Everything that happened (good or bad), it just happens! It’s not your fault but only you can do something about it. How do you see your life?

The world is neither good nor bad, it is how we choose to see it.

Wouldn’t you choose a better life if you could? 

Have you had that moment when, because you just bought a pink phone, suddenly there are pink phones everywhere? How about when there is a new baby in your life and suddenly there are babies everywhere?!

In life there is only what you give your attention to.

What was there never changed, your perspective of it changed!

Perspective is what shapes your world. How can that make your life better? 

You choose which type of life you want to live and create the glasses through which you see it.

Wouldn’t you like to have a better life? To see the positive more than the negative?

When the world seems like too much to handle, take what makes sense and ignore the rest. Figure what you want by keeping questioning (yourself, others, everything). And never stop, because when you stop trying to find solutions, you start “putting up” with stuff you don’t really have to put up with.

Do you know you can have more by just perceiving more?

To have more in life, start by changing the value you give to things. Understand the true value of your resources, the value they have to you and your life.

Just like a cupcake is way more expensive when you put it in a nice box with a card… Sometimes you just need to change the package to perceive a higher value of what is inside. How about you change the way you see things so you can see more?

We all strive to have a better life, a perfect life. Can you truly see what kind of life would be perfect for you?

Only when you understand what really matters to you and what you want your life to be, can you begin to shape it. The starting point is always your perspective (of yourself, of others, of everything).

Do you want a different kind of life? What will you change in your life by changing yourself?