From childhood we are told to be polite and accept, help, do… basically say yes most of the time.

Saying no is being impolite, selfish, rude or borderline a bad person…

Can you relate?

But how many of us truly feel like doing every single thing someone asks us to?

Change doesn’t come from simply saying yes to new things, you need to say no many times as well.

In your life only happens what you allow to. So take the paths that only lead to your desired destination.

Want to make sure you make the right decision at the right time? Learn the positive meaning of No! 

Here are 4 steps to use your positive “no thanks” the right way.

Say No to any and every situation that…

  • Takes you away from your priorities
  • Leads you on the opposite direction of your goal
  • Uses precious time you need/want to be using some other way
  • Makes a negative impact on your energy level or emotional wellbeing


Meaning though…you need to à priori:

  • Understand your priorities
  • Know your end goal
  • Track your time
  • Be aware of your energy level and emotional situation

Comment bellow: how well prepared are you to put this into action? What haven’t you figured out yet? What will you do about it?