You’re all grown up, the world in an immense place for you to discover and conquer, so you are working hard to be independent and… comfortable?!

Being an adult has never had such a detailed recipe in society.

From the moment you know how to read you are told what you’re supposed to do with your life, so that you have a peaceful and comfortable existence. What no one tells you is the reason behind comfortable being the end goal, or if it actually lead to happiness and fulfillment.

I am not saying that striving to be healthy, safe and financially stable isn’t a good thing. It is an awesome thing (as a baseline).

Are you that eager to do the expected? Why work hard for the norm?

Most people would say “because it’s safe”, but is it really though?

The world is in constant change, the norms are always evolving and Darwin’s theory still applies. Doing the same thing that has been done for a century, in a world of constant change, is by no means safe!

Before running into a path you were told is the right one, observe in others the outcome and decide if that is want you want of life.

What if you’re not sure what that is? If you had met it before you would know. So at the very least, not knowing, means that no example around you is the one to follow. Search for your own path if you value your life more than what others may think of it.


What if you make mistakes? Learn from your mistakes, improve and try again. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from trying. When it is something you really want, you’ll find the strength to figure it out.

What have you been missing out on for being afraid to act?

What strange, weird, uncomfortable, unrecognizable path are you longing to pursue? Can you visualize what you would  have, feel and experience on the other side of it?

Your choice of direction doesn’t need to be about what you can or can’t do, first of all it’s about what you want or not to do.

“Nature decrees that we can’t exceed the speed of light…all other impossibilities are optional.”

Don’t find excuses, figure out what your end goal is and create your own path. For greatness is seldom found on comfortable ground!