Every child knows they can try again… they don’t stop trying until they reach their goal.

When did we as a society decided that we must get it perfectly right at the first try?!

Failure is for those that stop trying, not for those who didn’t get it right.

Just like your phone, PC or tablet, you can also restart, reset or hibernate. Each option leads to a different outcome, hence the importance of the decision to press the button.

Restart as much as needed. There is no shame in it, only strong will, self development and resilience!

Why even start? The start is a beginning point of the adventure you want to live. Every time you want a new beginning, you just need to start again.

If you haven’t started yet…

What are you afraid of? Is it failure, consequence, criticism or even success? Courage is about doing stuff that will bring a value so great that it’s worth facing your fear.

So what is there that’s so important to you that you’ll face your fear for it? Find it and pursue it as many times as it takes to conquer it.

At any point in our lives we can feel lost, fragile, frustrated… When that happens, simply find your desired destination and a path that leads you to it.

How do you feel today? How do you want to feel tomorrow? What are you going to ensure you do so that the regret of yesterday doesn’t happen again tomorrow?

Don’t get stuck to what has happened, learn from what you lived through and start tomorrow anew. Start here if you don’t know where…

Who you were yesterday doesn’t define who you’ll be tomorrow, you have today to change that.

When it comes to change, we can all reinvent ourselves, we can’t someone else and others can’t change us! Change comes from within and can be the most powerful deal breaker when it comes to success, but you need to take responsibility for it.

“Every great path was made one small step at a time.”

If you don’t fight for your happiness, success and dreams, who will?

Choose to pursue happiness, the responsibility to act towards that goal and the commitment to never stop trying.