Who has ever wanted to be someone else?

Did you wish it because being you is difficult or because you are not who you want to be?

Being a socially accepted human as never been so difficult… I keep seeing all this torn up people trying to find themselves by trying to be the “right type of person”.

Since when is there a rule about the right kind of person?

Truth is, most people seem to think there is, to believe they know it and to make sure you are aware of it!

There are tons of people telling you what you shouldn’t say or do, how to live your life or grow up.

First it’s your parents, sibling, teachers…and in time your bosses, pears, social media… And the list goes on…so we keep trying to FIT IN instead of trying to FIND OUT!

Do you feel lost in all this noise about who you should be?


Do you crave for a simple method to figure things out? 

Through all my struggles to find the right recipe and all the people I have encountered who have it figured out...here is what we find:

If this is what you want:

– To be happy

– To enjoy life on your terms

– To feel thankful for everyday

This is where you should start:

– Find yourself

– Protect your values and act upon them

– Know your personal brand and always be true to it

Is the idea of finding and curating who you are still a scary prospect? Just remember it’s not about being a specific kind of person, having a certain type of life or acting in the correct way…(whatever that is…)

Who you are is not about making other people happy. If it does great, but first, who you are needs to make you happy. Live your life being the person you want to be, instead of the one you think you should… It will become the greatest life to live!